Back Pain Relief Exercises – Strengthening Your Core

As a practicing registered nurse, I experience daily back pain due to always being on the go in the hospital. This also means that I have very little time to work out or do exercises to strengthen my body.

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As my journey through the search for pain relief progressed, I realized that I needed to find easy exercises I could do at home to help with the back pain. I have highlighted four of the best back pain relief exercises that have worked for me below and hope they will help you too!

One thing I would definitely recommend before starting these exercises is a yoga mat. This will help support your back while working on strengthening your core. I tend to like the thicker ones for more cushion.

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1. Knee to Chest Abdominal Exercise for Back Pain

Source: WebMD.com

One great way to decrease back pain is to strengthen your core. The lower abdominal muscles work in conjunction with your lower back in order to hold your body up. This means that if you lower abdominal muscles are weak, you will experience increased lower back pain.

For this exercise, lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Slowly bring one knee in towards your chest and then back toward the ground, making sure to take deep breaths while doing this. Repeat this with both knees moving toward your chest and back to the floor six to eight times per leg.

2. Bridge Exercise for Pain Relief

Source: WebMD.com

This exercise is another great one to help strengthen your lower back. Lay on your back with your knees bent, with feet flat on the floor and hip length apart.

Slowly lift your hips up to the sky and hold for three seconds, then lower them back to the floor. Repeat this eight to twelve times. For added difficulty, hold your hips in the air longer each time.

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3. Bird Dog Exercise to Relieve Back Pain

Source: WebMD.com

This is a great exercise to help strengthen your back muscles and decrease back pain. Get down on all fours, with hands directly below your shoulders and knees directly below your hips. Keep your head aligned with your spine.

Place one arm and the opposite leg out and hold for three seconds, then place both back down to the ground. Try to keep your spine straight at all times during this exercise.

Repeat this eight to twelve times on both sides. For added difficulty and strength training, hold the position of your arm and leg out for a longer period.

4. Hip Stretch to Decrease Back Pain

Source: TeachPE.com

Often times when your hips are tight it can lead to back pain. This exercise stretches the hip flexor muscles. In order to do this exercise, kneel with one knee to the floor and the other bent in front of you.

Keep your back straight and bed the knee in front of you. Hold this for thirty seconds and repeat two to three times on each side.

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There are so many exercises that can be done to strengthen your back muscles. These are just four of many more that I discuss on this website.

Do you have a favorite exercise that helps with back or body pain? Leave a comment and let us know below!

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