Heating Pads for Back Pain

As a registered nurse, I know what it’s like to have horrible back pain. Some days I am on my feet all day and have lots of pain at the end of the day when I’m finally trying to unwind. What do I do when this happens? I grab my trusty heating pad and lay on it.

Heating pads are a great way to loosen muscles and relieve back pain, especially that kind that is achy from either being on your feet all day, or sitting at your desk and rarely moving. I’ve done some research and below are some great heating pads that people are swearing by today.

Self Heating Lumbar Back Support Belt Self Heating Lumbar Back Support Belt

Small Heating Pads for Localized Back Pain

The pad I use at home on a regular basis is Sunbeam Heating Pad. It is great for pain relief in a localized area, such as your back in this case, and can easily fold up to store away in small spaces. It’s super soft and has six different levels of heat settings, depending on the heat you need and can tolerate, and has a timer if that’s what you prefer.

It also has a two-hour auto shut-off, which is nice if you walk away and forget to turn it off. I also love this heating pad for its ability to easily be thrown in the washing machine if something gets on it.

Heating Pads for On-the-Go Back Pain

One product that is gaining a lot of popularity for alleviation of back pain are the ThermaCare Heatwraps. These wraps are activated when attached to your skin and heat the affected area for long hours at a time.

The best part about these is that they can go anywhere with you. A lot of people will put them on (they stick to you) and walk around at work without anyone knowing.

These wraps also continue to provide relief after they are removed. You can wear one for eight hours and then take it off for eight hours and still have relief from the residual heat.

Portable, Reusable Heating Pad for Back Pain Relief

One heating pad that is made to target back pain is the Portable Waist Heating Pad Belt. This is a great back pain reliever because you can attach it to yourself while you’re on-the-go, but don’t have to throw it away after each use.

This heating pad has three heat settings, is soft and comfortable to wear, and is machine-washable. It heats up in seconds and can be worn on a lot of different painful areas of the body, such as shoulder, legs, and abdomen. It uses velcro to stay in place and I love that you can get things done while wearing it, rather than having to lay on a heating pad to get pain relief.

All-In-One Heating Pad + Massage for Back Pain

One interesting heating pad I came across in my research is one that provides not only heat, but also a massage with it. The Massaging Heating Pad comes in two heat settings and four massage settings. Its wraps over your shoulders and around your neck and can cover the entirety of the back.

The design looks a little ridiculous, like wearing a shawl, but it interestingly enough increases blood flow to the areas of you neck and back through heat AND massage. These are two things my back always feels like it needs to loosen sore muscles.

Finding the perfect heating pad is not always easy, but listed above are a few I personally like for a variety of settings. Some are great for on-the-go and others are perfect for when you just want to lay on the couch and feel better.

Do you have a favorite heating pad you use? Share in the comments below!


  • Keryn

    Hi, there.

    Great article and I actually can add something more like a review here regarding the All-In-One-Heating Pad from Liiva. I do own one myself because I do suffer from Endometriosis. I’ve tried a variety of things before, but some were just not really effective or simply not discreet enough.

    This massaging heating pad did the trick or me; I love it because I can take it anywhere I want to, even to work. It comes with a traveler’s pouch, which makes it easy to take along. I’m very satisfied with my product, and can truly recommend it to fellow sufferers.

    Thank you, Laura, for your nice website. I was also checking out your newest post about the inversion tables. I had no idea that they existed, lol. I’d like to go and try one out to see if I can feel comfortable with the hanging upside down position, to begin with. I can imagine that it would relieve a great deal of pressure on the back, thus, eliminate back pain for some time as well – Awesone invention, and informative post.

    Thank you and many blessings.



  • Lorna Fraser

    I don’t have a favorite heating pad, but I do suffer from elbow pain, usually from prolonged computer use. So,thank you for your easy to read and informative review of the possibilities for choosing from the different types of great heating pads that you’ve mentioned here. The only thing more that I might have asked, is, which one’s your favorite? But I think I can probably figure that out for myself or go with the flow of other’s choices!

    Thanks again! this review of heating pads is really helpful, and I’ll let you know how it goes when I make my choice, which will be soon!

  • Judy


    Thanks for this article, I’m pleased I found it.

    As a life long sufferer of back ache I’m loving your review of the massaging heat pad. I didn’t know that they existed.

    Although my back pain is lower down I get a lot of tension pain higher up, where it seems this pad has its heat sensors. I can imagine that this would give a lot of relief.

    Never mind how it looks! I’m going to try it 🙂

    All the best,

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