Holding Yourself Up – Best Posture for Back Pain

Our spines bears a lot of weight throughout the day and certain positions place more strain on your spine than others. By maintaining proper posture, you can reduce the stress on your spine, reducing back pain and injury.

Sadly, we know that having good posture can be difficult when we are constantly either standing or sitting all day for our jobs. I personally find myself slouched over a lot when I am doing both sitting and standing and find that it is most likely contributing to my back pain.

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Let’s talk about what good posture is and go into some devices that can improve posture and help strengthen your core.

Overcoming Poor Posture: A Systematic Approach to Refining Your Posture for Health and Performance

The Best Posture for Standing

To improve posture when standing, think of your ears, shoulders, hips, and ankles as a series of dots and connect these dots in a straight line. Relax your shoulders, hips and knees and tuck your buttocks in just a bit if you need to. Standing straight, with each part of your body aligned is the best posture to have when standing.

My husband uses a posture corrector while he is working that helps him have a lot less back pain. It forces you to keep your back straight without having to think about it and helps create healthy habits over time, even when not wearing it.

A nice thing about the posture corrector is that it can be worn over or under clothes, so you can hide it if you don’t want others to see you wearing it.

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Reducing Back Pain While Sitting

We are all guilty of slouching when sitting, myself especially. The best posture for sitting is to keep your ears in line with your hips. If you feel that your back is too curved, you can place a rolled-up towel or lumbar roll behind your back for more support.

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Your knees should be level with your hips and feet should be flat on the floor or on a foot rest. This is the best sitting position to keep back pain from creeping up.

One device I found in the last year that forces you to keep good posture when sitting is the BackJoy Seat Cushion . It has a rounded bottom and tilt on the back of the cushion that forces your spine into alignment and correct your posture when sitting. I find it interesting because it also engages my core and helps to strengthen it while sitting, further improving back pain over time.

The Best Posture for Back Pain When Lying Down

We often think that if we are lying down then we are already in a fine posture, since we are not slouching or putting added pressure on our spine, but there is actually a proper posture even when you are lying down.

When lying on your side, it is best to bend your knees and place a pillow between them. This helps to align your hips with your shoulders, and thus keep your spine straight.

I personally love sleeping on my side and have found that they actually sell knee pillows made to keep your body in alignment. These tend to work better than a thin pillow you may have at home, since they are specially designed for knee placement.

If you like to sleep on your back like my husband does, putting a pillow under the knees is best for proper body straightening and posture. This reduces pressure placed on your back that can later lead to more back pain. I know that placing a pillow under the knees of my patients with back pain greatly reduces the pain they have while lying in bed.

If you like to lie on your stomach while sleeping- my other favorite way to sleep- placing a pillow under your abdominal muscles is the proper way to align your spine while sleeping.

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Keeping It Straight

Keeping our body in alignment is easier said than done, but it is one of the best ways to decrease back pain and improve comfort on a daily basis. When we strengthen our core through keeping our bodies aligned, we are improving our ability to perform daily tasks with less effort and strain.

Fortunately, there are several products available that can help remind us to maintain good posture and that can be used to improve it. As with all things, it takes time to build habits, but with daily practice we can all improve our posture and decrease the back pain we deal with every day.

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Do you have tips for better posture or a product you use to improve it? Please share with us and comment below!


  • Keryn

    Hi, Laura.

    Hey, what a great article. Reminds me of what grandma always used to preach when we were still little. To sit straight, or will get a hump. Not so far fetched in the end. My dad told me that my grandma really put a ruler to his spine while sitting at the table, in order for him to keep his posture upright.

    I have to say, that method seems too cruel for me, lol, and I do prefer yours mentioned above. Especially the Upright Go Posture Trainer seems not only very appealing but discreet to me. I, personally, don’t need one, but my cousin is always slouching. Do you think it can still help her after so much time? She does that since as long as I can think back in time.

    I don’t know and would love to hear your opinion about it.

    Anyway, thank you so much for sharing this wonderful info with us. I’m sure there’s an entire “Clan of Slouches” out there (including my cousin) who’d greatly benefit from what you have to offer.

    Sending you warm wishes,


  • Peter S

    Cool Great review I reckon, Makes me think of the pain I try to block. For when it gets real bad though I do need to go lay down with a pillow between my knees, couple of hours rest and I get back to it.
    Good Read Thank you

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