Relief in Sleep: What’s the Best Mattress for Back Pain?

Back pain is a huge issue in this day and age and finding relief seems to be increasingly hard. One thing people are finding is that mattresses can have a large impact on their back pain and how they feel the next day after sleeping on them.

There are so many options available in mattresses today and everyone has a different opinion on how firm a mattress should be. I personally have tried several mattresses through the years and have found that some provide better support and relief than others. Below are a few that have been tried and reviewed as the best mattresses for back pain.

The Purple Mattress for Back Pain

I personally have a Purple Mattress right now and LOVE it. When I purchased mine, there was only one option you could buy. Now Purple is catering to a variety of firmness preferences. This is awesome for those who prefer a more firm or soft bed each night.

The Purple Mattress has been a surprising purchase for me because it not only has helped tremendously with my back pain, but also has made sleeping at night a lot cooler. For some reason I sweat less on the Purple mattress compared to others I have been on in the past.

The Purple Mattress is made of a combination of a strange elastic waffle-like material called, “Hyper-Elastic Polymer,” that is hard to describe without experiencing it, on top of several layers of different types of foam. What’s great about this combination is that it really feels like it is cradling each and every pressure point of your body.

Another nice thing about the Purple Mattress is that it doesn’t bounce back and produce movement on the rest of the bed. This means that when my husband and I get in and out of the bed, we don’t feel one another doing it. We also don’t feel when each other rolls over and tosses and turns- a major plus to a good night sleep.

Purple has a 10 year warranty on their mattresses and a 100 night trial with free shipping and returns. That means you can try it out and return the mattress within 100 days of using it if you decide you don’t like it.

The Purple Mattress has been a great investment for me, but below are a few other competitors that are known to produce good night sleeps and aide in decreasing back pain as well.

The Casper Mattress

Casper uses the combination of springs (in hybrid models) and memory foam to create a unique feeling of support while sleeping. What’s interesting about Casper’s Mattress (the hybrid form) is that the entire mattress is not composed of the same material, but rather variations of springs and foam at different points in the bed that are supposed to align with certain parts of your body.

There is soft foam under the shoulders to relieve pressure, but firmer foam under the hips to align and support the spine. The Hybrid models have fabric-wrapped springs that allow for more recoil and elevation on the mattress, while allowing air to better circulate through it and create a cooler sleeping experience.

Casper also has a 10 year warranty on their mattresses and a 100 night trial just like Purple. Sometimes I struggle with commitment to things that cost a decent amount of money so this is a great way to try out the mattress and return it if you don’t like it.

The Lucid Mattress for Back Pain

The Lucid Mattress is an interesting mattress company because they have a variety of types of mattresses to choose from, rather than specializing in one design.

The Lucid Mattress can come in a variety of materials, from memory foam to latex and has options for firmness and even coolness preference. Some of the mattresses have bamboo charcoal and aloe vera infused in them to naturally reduce odors and wick away unwanted moisture.

There is a good layer of support in the Lucid Mattresses for back pain relief, with soft coils and foamy materials that are great for helping you feel refreshed and comforted after a long day’s work. This is also a way more affordable option for for back pain relief if you are looking for something a little cheaper than the mattresses listed above.

Unlike Casper and Purple, the Lucid mattresses are like most other purchases and have a 30 day return policy if you decide not to keep the mattress.

So Many Mattresses to Choose From

There are way too many mattresses in the world to choose from, but highlighted above are three that are known to be great for back pain relief. We do so much sleeping in our lives, we need to be doing it on something we enjoy, and believe it or not some mattresses can make your back pain way worse during the day.

Cloud Mattress Pad King

I think it is worth the investment to spend a little more money on a mattress that you are going to spend a large chunk of your life in and that can enhance the rest of your time when you are awake. Not only do the mattresses above aide in back pain relief, they also enhance the quality of people’s sleep, making you a happier and healthier person do deal with.

What about you? Have a favorite mattress you use and want to share with others? Leave us a comment below!


  • Christine

    I am so glad I came across this article. I have back pain sometimes. I was born with my lower spine a tiny bit dented forwards and to the side, and during my youth my mother forced me through some exercises to help me walk straight. I am grateful for my mother’s insistence with that, by the way 😉 I have a strong back and it looks straight to anyone who doesn’t know about the shape of my lower spine. I do need a good mattress and I bought one that was advertised as “good for the back”. It is indeed a good mattress, but the ones you mention are basically what I really need, and I am interested in the Lucid and the Casper mattress. I am building my house this year, so I hope to get one of these mattresses for my new bed room 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this article!

    • Laura

      That must have been very difficult to go through those exercises for your back! I think you will like the Lucid or Casper mattress as they have great support for your spine. Let me know how it goes and good luck with moving!

  • sharriv meye

    Hello, thank you for this article. I have been struggling for year with back pain due ta bad posture. I have recently bought a Serta matrass and it has helped immensely. I am now looking to buy a purple matrass to see if it is even better. Do you know how durable the purple mattress are? After how many years should one change their mattress? Great information.


    • Laura

      The purple mattress is extremely durable, as the main material they use, “Hyper-Elastic Polymer,” does not break down over time. Usual mattresses last around 8 years, but Purple and Casper have a 10 year warranty on their mattresses.

  • Mia


    Thanks for this article. Our mattress is now more or less 2-3 years old, do you know if there is an “average life-
    time” of mattresses?

    Also, I was wondering if it is better to use soft or hard mattresses when having back pain?


    • Laura

      Great questions! The average life span of a mattress is around eight years, but obviously this can range depending on how hard you are on the mattress and the quality of one you have purchased. The Purple and Casper mattresses have 10 year warranties that come with them and I know that Purple mattresses are made of a material that should never break down over time.
      As far as soft versus hard mattresses, more firm mattresses are better for back pain, but too firm of a mattress can be too hard on the body. Usually a medium to firm mattress is recommended, as a soft mattress does not tend to support the body and can lead to more pain over time.

  • Kathy Joyce

    So glad I found your article. I have suffered lower back pain in the past and part of the cause was sleeping on a poor quality mattress. I love the purple mattress and will consider getting one when I next change my mattress.

  • JidroneP

    Hello, great article! I was complaining to my husband about my back pain for many years until we decided to buy a new mattress. When we went to the store we didn’t know what kind to buy, there were so many choices we lost ourselves. Finally, we decided to buy TEMPUR- PEDIC, but I am still not very happy. At the store, this kind of mattress looked softer than we received. I will take advantage of your advice for the next time.
    Thanks for the article, it is knowledgeable.

  • Derek Marshall

    Purple mattress sounds very interesting. I just want to confirm this, a sturdy strong mattress is better than a soft one for back pain… right?

    • Laura

      Firmer mattresses tend to be better for back pain. Something within the medium to firm range is best for more support as well as comfort. If it is too firm you may not sleep well and can become achy, but a very soft mattress is not going to support the body and may increase back pain over time.

  • Ann

    I needed this post! My brother and I have been suffering from back pain all our lives and even my brother has to go to the spine surgeon a couple of times a year because it’s that bad. I like the Purple Mattress a lot. It seems like the perfect kind of mattress for me and my brother. Thanks again.

  • Nidhi

    Hello Laura!! Nyc article about the mattresses and back pain. I totally agree that quality sleep matters a lot for treating back pain. I myself suggest my patients to use a good mattress to avoid back pain. Thanx for good insight. I really loved your pics, urging me to buy just now:))


  • Will

    Hi Laura, very thankful I found this article on finding the best mattress for back pain. I seem to always pick the dodgy ones when it comes to mattresses. I really like how in depth you went with selecting the right kind of mattress and will be sure to take a lot of what you wrote on board. Look forward to coming back in future for more information on ways to relieve back pain.
    Kindest Regards, Will

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